Terrorists have attacked both Niger and Plateau states simultaneously, killing about 52 persons in the operations. Reports say while these terrorists killed 18 people in Ncha community of Bassa local government area of Plateau state, they killed another 34 in Nakuna and Wurukuchi communities in Niger state.

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The killings in Nakuna and Wurukuchi communities of Niger state was a revenge by the terrorists after some local vigilantes killed some bandits terrorizing their villages. 

In return, the bandits attacked the communities, burning down all the houses in Nakuna as they searched for the local vigilantes, report says. In wurukuchi, they killed four people on their farmlands.

In Plateau State, terrorists opened fire on the villagers, shooting everyone in their sights. The military task force in the community confirmed this incident in Ncha local government area. The Governor of Plateau State has ordered the military to burst the people responsible for this attack while expressing deep sadness over this event.

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