In a dramatic, unprecedented move, the United Kingdom is ready to welcome a new Prime minister which would make it the third one in seven weeks.

Why is this happening?
Liz Truss, the past prime minister resigned after 44 days in office with reasons that she cannot deliver on the mandate given to her. She had contested against Rishi Sunak but defeated him by a slim margin.

The next few weeks saw her battling inflation, rising costs of living, a dwindling currency that was losing the trust of the money market, the Russian-Ukraine crisis and its effect on energy costs.

Who’s next?
After winning the Conservative Party leadership election, Rishi Sunak will take over as the country’s next prime minister. At 42, he will be the youngest prime minister in more than a century and the first British Asian to lead the UK.

He received enough support from MPs and he was the former chancellor who supervised the country’s finances during the Covid epidemic. In the final moments before nominations were closed, his opponent Penny Mordaunt withdrew from the race.

What’s going to happen next?
King Charles will extend an invitation to Sunak to form a new government as soon as former Prime minister Prime Minister Liz Truss tenders her resignation to him. Although the exact day is unknown now, it will happen at Buckingham Palace.

Sunak will be the first prime minister King Charles invites to form a cabinet as he became King after the Queen’s Demise. 15 prime ministers came and went while his mother Queen Elizabeth was in office.

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