The Tigrayan government has blamed Eritrea for the airstrikes that killed six people and destroyed countless buildings.

Why this matter?
This is coming some days after Eritrea mobilized forces for a full-scale onslaught along their border with Tigray. Eritrea had been a part of the crisis when it first began in 2021 on the side of the Ethiopian government.

Digging deeper
Their re-entry as the conflicts restarted was condemned by foreign bodies. The Eritrean government, whose troops had previously engaged in combat in the area with Ethiopian troops, has not responded to the charge.

The Tigrayan authorities claim that the airstrikes on Tuesday were made “repeatedly” and that residential buildings were destroyed. It controlled regional media broadcast images of the destruction brought on by the supposed attack.

What you should know.
Ethiopia and Tigray restarted conflicts after a five-month truce that ended abruptly. There were speculations of a ceasefire but Eritrea’s entry makes the situation worse.

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