The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday 13th December announced there was no official report of a travel ban from Nigeria by the country. It also said it is giving out seven seats to travelers of Air Peace airline. 

Why it matters?
The United Arab Emirates, in a public statement a few days ago, said it would close its borders to Nigeria and other African countries following the outbreak of the Omicron variant. 

In response to this news, the Federal Government of Nigeria condemned the action of UAE and other countries that placed Nigeria on a red list. The Federal Government further threatened to ban the entry of flights from these countries to Nigeria. 

To avoid any diplomatic conflict, UAE has said there was no official report Nigerians were banned from the country and that Nigerian airlines can fly to Dubai instead of Sharjah Airport. 

This is a diplomatic move to avert a political conflict with Nigeria following Nigeria’s threat to ban flights from its country.

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