In order to lessen the effects of floods during the 2022 rainy season, UNICEF and the Nigeria Red Cross have distributed a total of N175 million to 5,000 homes across three local government areas in Kaduna State.

The six flood-prone communities of Narayi, Romi, Nasarawa, Kigo, Bashama, and Kabala West in Chikun, Kaduna North, and Kaduna South LGAs, respectively, had their homes destroyed or had their farms washed off by flood during the review period were chosen as the beneficiaries of the cash transfer under the Shock Responsive Social Protection (SRSP) project in Kaduna State.

In order to help them prepare for a potential flood as the water level of the River Kaduna rises, the homes that were impacted by floods along the Kaduna River in the previous ten years were each given the sum of N35,000. With the help of the money, vulnerable areas will be able to respond to floods and reduce their impacts, limiting damage and posing fewer dangers to public safety.

Between May and June 2022, the Nigerian Red Cross pre-identified the 5000 families that met the climatic vulnerability requirements using a community targeting method based on five selection criteria: pregnant and breastfeeding women (women-headed households), children aged 0–5 (child-headed households), individuals with impairments (sight, hearing, walking, intellectual handicap, e.g amnesia, etc.), and the elderly (from 60 years of age and up) (based on income and assets).

Previous Impact

  • In 2020, At least 68 people died from flooding in various parts of Nigeria this year, while almost 129,000 were affected.
  • 300 homes were damaged by severe flooding in Jalingo, Taraba State in 2021 with 4000 people displaced
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