The White House on Friday announced that the US government is dropping the compulsory Covid-19 testing requirements for inbound international air travelers. The Biden led administration says that the rule would take effect from 12:00am of the 12th June 2022. And that the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention will revisit the decision after 90 days. 

Quick catch-up 
The past administration, led by President Donald Trump, instigated the rule in early 2021 as a preventive measure in the fight against Covid-19. President Joe Biden, after assuming office, further tightened the rule. 

  • The rule required inbound international travelers and US citizens to present a negative Covid-19 test result before boarding a United States bound flight. 
  • Air operators have since pressured the US government to end the rule as it negatively affected international travel demands. 

What this means 
International travelers or U.S citizens can now travel into the United States of America without presenting a negative Covid-19 test result before boarding an inbound flight.

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