The United States has condemned Eritrea’s reentry into Ethiopia’s resumed conflicts between federal defense forces and Tigrayan forces, which restarted on August 24th and have now spread to Ethiopia’s border territories with Sudan.

Looking forward
President Biden’s Special Envoy for the Horn of Africa, Ambassador Mike Hammer, will go to Ethiopia starting this weekend to engage on the crisis in northern Ethiopia, Hammer will communicate to all parties the importance of halting military actions and engaging in peace discussions.

The situation
In addition to condemning Eritrea’s re-entry into the conflict, the United States also condemned the ongoing TPLF offensive outside of Tigray, as well as Ethiopian army airstrikes.

They believe the conflict cannot be resolved militarily and urge all actors to de-escalate, particularly so that humanitarian aid and basic services can be resumed for all parties in need.

Driving the news
The US government’s denunciation of Eritrea’s role in the war is the first indication from the international community of the latter’s involvement in the fresh hostilities.

Following an initial denial of Eritrea’s role in the Tigray war and reports of extreme atrocities committed by Eritrean forces against civilians as a complete lie. Ethiopia later admitted Eritrean troops were involved in atrocities against civilians in May 2021, confirming earlier reports by human rights organizations

Ethiopia, on the other hand, is denying Eritrea’s latest re-entry into the militaristic conflicts.

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