The US embassy in Abuja has advised people to avoid all non-essential travel or movement as a result of the possibility of terrorist strikes in Nigeria.

Why this is happening
The level of insecurity in Nigeria is rising. More than 400 detainees vanished in July following a jail break for which Islamist extremists took responsibility.

At the time, 64 jihadists who were imprisoned had escaped, according to Defence Minister Bashir Magashi.

What to look out for
There is a broad list of prospective targets, according to the US embassy, including “government buildings, houses of worship, schools, markets, shopping malls, hotels, bars, restaurants, sporting events, transportation hubs, law enforcement facilities, and international organizations.”

The US added that Abuja is particularly vulnerable to attack. A security warning advises individuals to be vigilant and steer clear of crowds to stay safe. Attacks “may be indiscriminate and might impact western interests, as well as sites visited by tourists,” the UK government also cautioned.

A failed government
The administration of outgoing President Buhari is coming under growing fire for its inability to address the country’s pervasive insecurity as armed abduction gangs and militant organizations are committing violent acts.

The First Lady apologized just last week stating that while her husband’s administration did its best, it may not have lived up to expectations.

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