As part of its full-scale cloud capability for Africa, Google has begun expanding its network via the Equiano undersea cable and is constructing Dedicated Cloud Interconnect sites in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Lagos, and Nairobi.”

What this means
The Equiano undersea cable, which is already going across Togo, Nigeria, Namibia, and South Africa, is projected to provide the continent with quicker, lower-cost internet by connecting St. Helena, Togo, Nigeria, Namibia, and South Africa to Europe.

What you should know
Google made a $1 billion investment commitment made last year for Africa to be actualized in five years. The new Cloud Region will assist consumers, developers, businesses, and educational institutions across Africa in moving more information and tools online, improving customer access options, and creating jobs.

Going forward
Niral Patel, the director of Google Cloud Africa, yesterday announced Google’s intention to develop a new Google Cloud region in South Africa, its first on the continent.

According to study commissioned by Google Cloud by AlphaBeta Economics, the South African cloud region will contribute more than $2.1 billion to the country’s GDP and assist in the creation of more than 40,000 jobs by 2030.

Google Cloud is assisting businesses across the continent in solving business essential difficulties, getting online, and reaping the benefits of digital technology. Google Cloud collaborates with major retailer, TakeAlot, in South Africa to provide their three million local customers with a hassle-free online shopping experience. In Kenya, Google Cloud collaborates with Twiga Foods, a technology-driven startup addressing and improving food security in Africa, to connect 1,000 farmers to 140,000 vendors.

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