According to a new survey, Nigeria ranks 151st out of 182 countries in terms of fixed broadband internet speed. The average fixed broadband internet speed in Nigeria is so sluggish that it ranks 151st out of 182 nations in the latest Speedtest Global Index.

The state of things
Nigeria trailed Congo, Mali, Sierra Leone, Togo, and Burkina Faso, all of which are economically smaller. It had a download speed of 20.97 megabits per second, while Singapore had a speed of 298 mbps.

Nigeria ranked 87th out of 140 nations in the mobile category, with a download speed of 33.29 mbps, whereas South Africa ranked 46th with a speed of 68.9 mbps. United Arab Emirates led the world in that area with 258 mbps. Nigeria, on the other hand, experienced the fastest monthly jump of 15 positions between July and August 2022.

What you should know
According to the Ookla assessment, despite relative gains, internet speed in Africa is still well behind the worldwide average.

Outages on the internet contribute to Africa’s slow internet. According to the poll, consumers reported 46,810 instances for Vodacom and 34,882 events for MTN, which is present in 17 African nations, during the second quarter of 2022.

South Africa, the continent’s internet speed leader, rated 46th, with an average mobile download speed of 68.9 megabits per second, significantly lower than the global average mobile download speed of 77.7 mbps. South Africa’s performance reflected the country’s progress with the 5G network.

Over 40 African countries have yet to set the groundwork for the development of 5G spectrum, despite the fact that at least 13 are actively conducting experiments.

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