Paystack has announced the launch of “Paystack Terminal”, a POS solution designed to create delightful in-person payment experiences for customers using cards, bank transfers, and USSD. The terminal, which reportedly remains active during downtimes, allows users to track payments, monitor changing purchasing patterns, and identify the design and content of customers’ receipts. 

What’s more
Paystack terminal would allow users to uniquely build, customize and integrate apps supported by API documentation. Also, because the terminal allows users to connect the terminal to existing systems, businesses can create automation for themselves. Furthermore, the terminal option is only available to registered merchants in Nigeria for now. 

In case you missed it 
This is the second time Paystack is launching a PoS terminal as in 2018, the company indirectly distributed PoS machines to merchants, as it wasn’t licensed to indulge in such activities at the time. However, this was short lived as Paystack recalled their PoS machines in circulation due to issues raised by the Payments Terminal Service Providers (PTSPs) about unfair practices by the company. 

The big picture
The PoS terminal of Paystack is launching at a time where the new FG/CBN withdrawal policy is encouraging citizens to embrace digital channels to complete transactions.

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