The social media app, Snapchat, is rolling out a dual camera feature that allows users to access both their front and back cameras simultaneously on their mobile devices. The dual camera has four layouts including vertical, horizontal, picture in picture, and cutout.

What’s more 
The feature would be available on iOS devices from today, while Snapchat would unveil the feature on android devices in the next couple of months.

How to use the new feature 
Open the Snapchat app on your mobile device. On the toolbar, a new icon would appear on the camera section. With a single click on the new icon, Snapchat users can begin creating snaps, stories and videos. 

What you should know 
Earlier in the month, Snapchat announced four new features to its paid package including new icon design, increasing the chances of celebrities to view subscribers’ messages on the app, amongst others.

Snapchat launched a subscription package plan called Snapchat + for a price of $3.99 per month and follows the paths of other social media giants, including Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp, who have announced paid plans.

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