Like many other fields, technology has improved the quality of transport systems by solving critical challenges the sector has faced over time or by improving the existing systems. Technological solutions are improving the quality of travel, bookings, how we travel, and much more. 

Some technological solutions in transportation 

Electric cars 
The popularity of electric cars has continued to grow in the African continent and around the world as the cries for green energy have grown louder and as an alternative to diesel and fuel-run vehicles. For context, a 2019 report by the European Environment Agency stated that 71.7 percent of Carbon-dioxide emissions came from vehicles which run on diesel and fuel. These automobiles are a huge part of road transportation. 

  • On the other hand, electric cars do not emit Carbon-dioxide except during the production and manufacture of batteries, of which they still beat the emission of diesel and fuel vehicles by 20 percent. 

GPS Direction 
Technological businesses including Google maps and Lara have helped users save travel time by providing gps services, journey durations, etc. when journeying an unknown route. 

Ease of booking 
A 2018 report disclosed that these days 82% of travel bookings are now completed online through mobile apps, web apps, and web pages. Previously, travellers would have to physically book their travel tickets in order to avoid disappointments. 

Drone deliveries 
Using drones in delivering packages gained popularity during the 2020 global pandemic as retail stores sought ways to transport goods to customers without a one-one encounter. Drone deliveries are now popularly used by giant companies such as Amazon and African startups, including Jumia and Zipline. 

Autonomous Vehicles 
To reduce the occurrence of road accidents, technological solutions have brought to light the use of autonomous vehicles. Self-driven cars that can move from one point to another in autopilot mode. This technology is in use in countries like Spain, Germany, France, the United States, Canada, Spain, etc.

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