There is a new artificial intelligence chatbot on the internet which has got everyone talking. Humans are asking it questions, and the chatbot ChatGPT is giving answers which are grammatically correct, chatty, and sometimes humorous, although some users have identified that some answers were unsettling and lacked context. In just a few days after ChatGPT launched, it has surpassed over a million users according to company officials. 

Over one million users in five days of launch is a remarkable feat as popular Netflix took 3.5 years to reach that milestone, Airbnb – 2.5 years, Facebook – 10 months, Spotify – 5 months, Instagram – 2.5 months, and iPhone – 74 days. 

What is ChatGPT 
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot technology that OpenAI released in late November to examine the extent of what a powerful AI system can accomplish. Users can ask multiple questions and get remarkably intelligent answers. 

  • The AI system of ChatGPT attempts these questions by identifying the patterns in text harvested from the internet on a particular subject and collaborating with human assistance to deliver a response. 
  • As warned by OpenAI, these answers could be entirely wrong even though the language of the response sounds otherwise. OpenAI built this technology free to users for now with a mission to develop a “safe and beneficial” AI system or to help others do so.

What are the limits of ChatGPT? 
Although the mere attempt of an AI technology to produce an answer to a question is a significant development in computing, OpenAI has warned that the technology could deliver wrong answers. According to users, the system sometimes warns of its inabilities. These shortcomings made some sites, including StackOverflow, a software developer site, ban the AI technology from attempting to answer programming questions. ChatGPT gives a clear sentence of answers with no links like Google. 

Is ChatGPT better than google? 
ChatGPT delivers when it comes to providing answers to questions. Although it would not present links or suggested websites like Google, it would give a thought-provoking thread that users can find helpful. However, because of its shortcoming of providing wrong information in some cases, users would need to vet the authenticity of ChatGPT answers. ChatGPT is undoubtedly lighting the path towards a new dispensation in tech and a good competition to Google. 

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