Late Queen Elizabeth II

With the Queen’s death, Prince Charles now becomes the reigning monarch and his wife Camilla is expected to be by his side as Queen Consort.

Difference between a Queen and a Queen consort
A queen is a reigning female monarch with the same status, role, and title as the king in the monarchy system.

A “queen consort is a lady who married a king,” whereas a “queen is a woman who was born to be queen and is the head of state – not the wife of a monarch. The British Royal Family’s official website defines a “consort” as a “companion to the Sovereign.”

Moving forward
Elizabeth II ruled the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland as Queen. From her assumption to the throne in 1952 until his death in April 2021, her husband, the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, served as her consort.

Camilla is now a consort of King Charles III, Queen Elizabeth’s eldest son. She will have the female equivalent of her husband’s titles, and she will most likely be crowned and anointed at his coronation.

Camilla, on the other hand, will not share Charles’ politically neutral stance as the head of state of the United Kingdom.

Why wasn’t Prince Philip crowned as a consort King?
Prince Philip was never made King consort. In the history of the British monarchy, a queen’s spouse has always been a prince consort, never a king consort.

Is it possible for a consort to become queen?

No, a queen consort cannot ascend to the throne. This is because, unlike the title of queen consort, which can be obtained through marriage, the title and position of reigning monarch can only be inherited. This usually happens when a sovereign abdicates or dies, like Queen Elizabeth did.

Camilla will always be queen consort as the wife of a British monarch. Her title will be passed on to Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, whose husband, Prince William, Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge, is the current first in line to the British throne.

They do not have a formal position and are not allocated direct tasks, unlike the king or queen. Their primary objective is to provide support to the spouse throughout the reign.

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